If Then Else Help

Hello you beautiful people.

I can’t seem to get the “else” of my “if then” to work.

All i’m doing is reading an email and looking at the subject. The subject has a number in it and I’m stripping everything off the subject but the number and saving that as a variable. This would be placed in another sequence in the workflow. This work… what doesn’t is if there is no email with the keyword “reminder” in it I just want it to do the else. Which is to write nope to console, that’s just for testing.

What am I doing wrong. Teach me!! Learn me!!
Thank you for your help!


Your conditional statement is absolutely correct , even i have verified and both Then and Else block of code i am able to execute.

Please check your output pane . Else block text should be there…

Else, revert with subject of Email screenshot and your sample so that i can have a look on it.



Check how many mails are you reading and also whether any Mail exists without Reminder word in subject in that mails.

The output pane only shows the start of the execution and the end. It’s not showing the “nope” text.

I did see the “nope” text if I had an email in the inbox that didn’t contain “Reminder” I need it to output and stop the sequence if there are no emails in the inbox.

I have it set to check the top 30 emails. When I have a email without “Reminder” in the inbox it will process the else side and I see “nope” in the output. I need it to stop the sequence when there are no emails in the inbox that match “Reminder”.


use Throw activity and pass system exception to stop the process.

I was thinking if what you need is a loop…so that your robot can keep watching your new email instead of running just once.

I would need to put the GetEmail sequence in to an if loop for this to work right?

It seems to me you can use attended robot and activate it with keyboard shortcut or manually(the easy way), or you can use orchestrator with unattended robot to do this work in the background, eg. schedule a interval for robot to run.
But no matter which way you use, you need to notice that in the way you write the loop, it will only process the available emails at that moment, when these emails are processed, your robot’s job is done, and next time you have to start it again to handle new emails, unless you make it a regular job.