If statements for numerical values during web scraping

I want to beable to find a number in a webpage data table and click the hyperlink if the number is greater than said number. For example I want to export a real estate listing to excel if the property has over three bedrooms. The bedroom data is under the hyperlink to each listing. Can I also click the particular hyperlink and scrape data from that page?


Use Data Scraping and first element-> enable URL instead of Name

Third element->Enable Name, Name the ColumnName

So In For Each Row of the Datatable ExtractData

Place a IF condition and Cint(row(“Columnname”).String.Split(" ")(0)) = 1

Then place your logic

If you want to click then you can use Navigate URL activity

Hope this helps you



Im trying to do the first step and export the url, but when I try to log the text I can’t get anything. I’m tying to log messages to make sure everything is working as I go along.



As ExtractDataTable is a DataTable variable, you need to place a output DataTable activity, give input datable as ExtractDataTable, Output create a variable
Now in message box give the variable which is declared for output

Hope this helps you


Ok thanks. I’m having issues with the if statement. I named the bed column “Column3/beds” and when trying to add the if statement I get a late binding error.

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