IF inside for each - else ends process

I have a for each that looks through PDFs (only 1 PDF). Inside of the for each, i have an IF statement that if the condition is true, continues the sequence but if it is false, i want it to end the uipath process all together. In my else, i’ve put a send email, which alerts me that the statement is false, but after it does that, it continues the rest of the process. How do I end it? I’ve tried Kill process but that doesn’t work.

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Hi @atarantino
Please try to use an activity called break

which breaks the loop

I tried that, however when it hits the else it sends me the email and then continues the sequence. I need it to completely end.

Yes @atarantino after sending you the email use break activity , followed by kill or terminate workflow activity

Terminate Workflow will do it, but that faults it in Orchestrator. You need to be doing proper error handling and workflow design so that you catch the error (Try/Catch), process it as needed, then end gracefully (by simply getting to the end of the flow).