IF condition?

Not shure what to put in condition to get the sequens to run. In the FOR EACH I have som strings containing the date like 29-OCT-19. I use regex.match to find date and it works fine, but some strings does not contain date and I want to pass to next sting that contains date. I tried to use IF end if date exist it continue to run the sequens, if date does not exit I want to return to start of FOR EACH.


Hi @kare.smorvik,

You can check the boolean output of your Text Exists Activity in the IF Condition.

Let me your output is IsExist a boolean from Text Exists activity, now in the IF you can check this, it is true then it will continue to the true part. Make False at end of the activities you need to do in the true part.

Sorry, not shure what you mean. Do I need to make a variabler of the date as a boolean?


Check this xaml,
TextExist.xaml (5.0 KB)

Can not open file, says wrong version of studio??

Add the xaml in project folder,and open from uipath.It should work.

@kare.smorvik the condition in the if statement is the value/variable of the output of the date

Sorry I don’t get it. Returns false everytime I try, what to do to to go to Then?
Is it better to use contain? Like this; “varString”.Contains("[0-9]{2}-[a-z]{3,}-[0-9]{2}"), and not use Text Exsist.

Use An Assign activity to make the boolean variable as False in the true part, so your resetting that for each row…