If condition in each row

Hello everyone, I’m pretty new to UI Path and I ran into an issue automating one of my projects.
I have an excel file with 1 column called names with several hundred values.
What I need robot to do is to read the file then open browser and do a search of each name then return 2 values from the search and write them in a separate sheet.
I figured out most of the workflow with one exception, if the name is not found in the search I need the process to move to another row and right now it just stalls there.

Are you iterating through a for each loop? You can try something similar to below with the variable that you’re storing the names, and the continue activity.


Since you are looping it will automatically goes to next row, no matter weather name is found or not, but to handle the scenario inside for Loop you will be having a workflow to search for names, if name not found then do nothing else continue with your workflow…

Thank you some much for both of your replies.
What I’ve ended up doing was using the try/catch error handling, if condition was a bit too much for this process