If Condition, find a specific value from a list variable

Hi guys,
I have trouble writing a condition in an “If” activity.
So, I have these 2 variables read from a txt file with a list of login.
Var1 = toto, titi
Var2 = tutu, tata
Next I import a csv built with a ticketing tool (yes, this is for a Service Desk use :wink:
Then in an “Each row” activity i have to build a report. If the login in the row1 is one of the logins in Var1, I have to assign a specific variable, if the login is one of the logins in Var2, I assign another variable.
Am I clear enough ? :roll_eyes:

Never mind guys, I got it.
It was easy after all…
Var1.Contains(row.Item(1).ToString) if yes, assign the needed value
else proceed to Var2.Contains(row.Item(1).ToString)

Sorry for the bother…

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