Hello there! I wanted to know how can I use the activity ‘if’ in case that a popup appears. Like if this popup appears than click on the button ‘ok’, for example. How can I do this? Regards!


For that you can use check app state activity …it is meant for the same purpose


Hi @Carvalho_Vini

If you are using the modern activities, to check the Ui element is exist on the screen is check app state activity. Take the check app state activity and indicate the popup in the screen. In target appear block give the click activity to click on the ok button.

IF you are using the click activities, use the element exist activity. Indicate the popup element on the screen and create a variable let say name it as boolflag in the output of element exist activity. Take a if condition in that give boolflag = True, in then block give the click activity to click on the Ok button.

Hope it helps!!

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Carvalho_Vini

Try like this

I hope it helps!!