If a row .contains("1") then only it should capture 1 not 1with every 11 12 13 and so on

Hi team,

i am trying to find an exect value, but i am getting the values with numeric which contains 1, for example i am trying to extract the row which contains only 1 but i am getting 11 12 13 value as well because if is just only looking for 1

Hi @rahul_gol

It should be equals then for exact match,

please try row.equals(“1”)


Hi @prasath_S ,

thank you for quick response, i am doing this in IF activity. if the row contains (1) or any number, for now if the input is 1 then its picking every row which contains 1, which is like 11,12,13 this is the same case for 2 and so on

@rahul_gola may I know what is row here?

Is it coming from for each row activity and can you show exactly what is the syntax in if activity?