Find no in for each row

I want to check if row is containing no or not
If I Have 4567 raxc 89687 Then its false
If I have 5612576138 then its true

Hey @Kuldeep_Pandey ,

You can use a for each row in datatable activity
And inside the loop you can add an if activity and set the condition as → CurrentRow("YourColumnName").toString. Contains("YourString")

If condition Satisfies then assign a boolean variable as true
if condition does not satisfies then assign it as false

Note: The .Contains will return a boolean value, so we are using it as condition



It gives a boolean expression if your column contains a number or not

Hey @Kuldeep_Pandey
You can use if conditon inside for each row in datatable activity and check if current row(" ") is numeric

String is not defined but i want only digit as true not string

How to check please give me query

Hey can u try with this

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then u can change the if condition as →

Rest all remains the same as i have suggested in above thread

If: Conversion from string “PAYEE ADVICE” to type ‘Integer’ is not valid.
Its gving me error



Try this once

Again Same error Its converting string in number i think

CurrentRow(0).ToString.IsNumeric() = false

Try this


Same error
Not working this query


In if:

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.IsMatch(CurrentRow(“ColumnName”).ToString, “[0-9]+$”)

Use Cap symbol ^ before the [0-9]+$ extression it’s not appearing while i writing in the expression

kindly show your workflow


Why its showing string which contain alphabet
I want only digit string
like check row containing only digit its true and if containing digit and alphabet its false


Use cap Symbol before the expression “^”[0-9]+$

its showing Document is invalid
Please send workfloW SS