Identity setup

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can we integrate 2 companies Active directory into UiPath cloud orchestrator which is exist already with one organization, having 2 different domain

Hi @Manojsahoo

It is possible to integrate two companies’ Active Directories into UiPath Cloud Orchestrator, even if they have different domains:

→ Configure connectivity between the UiPath Cloud Orchestrator and the Active Directories of both companies. This may involve configuring firewalls, VPN connections, or other network settings to allow communication.

→ UiPath Cloud Orchestrator supports integration with various identity providers, including Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Configure the identity provider that corresponds to each company’s Active Directory.

→ Set up user synchronization between the Active Directories and UiPath Cloud Orchestrator. This process synchronizes user accounts and their associated attributes, such as roles and permissions, from the Active Directories to the Orchestrator.

→ Configure the authentication settings in UiPath Cloud Orchestrator to allow users from both Active Directories to log in. This can be done by enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) with the respective identity providers.

→ Once the integration is established, you can manage users from both Active Directories within UiPath Cloud Orchestrator. This includes assigning roles and permissions, managing user groups, and defining access rights based on the requirements of each company.

→ Ensure that appropriate security measures are in place to safeguard the integration and maintain data privacy. This may involve implementing multi-factor authentication, defining access control policies, and regularly reviewing and auditing user access.

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