Identification between Handwritten scan documents Vs Digital scan documents

My Use case is: I only want to process digital scan documents (pdf) and if a handwritten document comes up I want to throw an exception.

Is there any way to identify handwritten docs in such a manner that if handwritten docs exists then it returns boolean value true. And if handwritten docs does not exits then it returns boolean value false.

Please suggest a possible way to resolve this problem.

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I understand that you are trying to write code for the scan. What is it? You don’t have to worry. There has been a ready-made programming code for scanning machines for a long time. You just need to learn it and use it every time. By the way, I recently bought a fake driver’s license, and at one point, I was stopped by the police to check my documents. And you won’t believe it. I thought I was already facing a fine or a prison sentence. But they didn’t suspect anything. I understand that now fake documents are visible only through a particular scan. Otherwise, there is no way to know where the actual driver’s license is and the fake.

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