Idea: Database Connector as Asset in Orchestrator

Would like to see Connectors (Database) put into Orchestrator as an Asset, similar to Credentials, so that the ID and Password for the DB Connection can be secured and encrypted, instead of being an Activity withing Studio.

Hi @Scott_Taylor

Could you tell us more about how you would see it?

An example of such asset would help our team fully understand the use-case.

Well, I guess it is not so much a “Database Connector”, but a more secure way to store the Connection String, to make it an Asset, similar to the way Credentials are stored. We can currently create a “Text” Asset, but cannot encrypt it like we can when creating a “Credential” and the Password is encrypted.
When using the Database Connection Activity, the ConnectionString Property is simply a string, so the User ID and PWD is exposed. My proposal is to either allow an Asset Type of “Text” to be encrypted (checkbox) or to create a new Asset Type of “DB_Connection” so that the connection string can be encrypted, plus as an Asset it is more Global and re-usable across Automations.

Wouldn’t putting your string as a password in the Credential asset work the same for you?

I get that you would need to convert it your credential password from SecureString to String to use it in the activity, but this is an activity limitation as well.

Lastly, the Database activity pack is open source and allows anyone to contribute. So in theory, someone could add the SecureString support to it by editing the package here:

I will mark this topic as #pr-welcome for ease of reference.