Getting an error in If Condition


I am using IF Condition in my flow and i want to compare Variable value contains string or not. I tried below solution
JobType.Trim.Contains(row(“TYPE OF JOB”).ToString)
for both the condition program goes to else part. See screenshot. Please let me know how to correct this

Hi @Puneet_Singh1

If you want to Variable value contains string or no , to chcek if the string is null or empty please use

string.IsNullorEmpty(yourvariable) or yourvariable.ToString.Equals(“0”)

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Can you check if there are two variables with the same name? The logic seems correct.


I want to check that variable contains below string or not

So i am check below condition JobType.Trim.Contains(“Environmental”) and its not working

Hi @Puneet_Singh1 ,

Do you want to Check if the Variable will Contain all of the Above Strings or Any One of the Above String ?

Also, Could you print the value of JobType variable using a Write Line Activity

give a trim to the row value also

Check JobType.Trim.contains(row(" ").tosting.Trim)

Any one from list

because sometimes when you trim the first value and not trimming the 2nd value , there might be a chance of mis count, the length of values may differ even it looks same

@Puneet_Singh1 ,

Check with the Below Expression :


Dont know the reason but its not working

@Puneet_Singh1 , Maybe there is a Spelling mistake in the Array

Working @supermanPunch Thanks

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