I want to send status message when a process is running in the background of uipath apps

I am downloading resumes from google drive after that comparing with the input skill from apps and extracting matched resumes, copy that to a google drive folder. I want the status message like processing resume number 1,2,3…so on… in app window. Tried passing variable to app but that status is displaying at the end only. I want the interim status to be displayed in apps. Thanks in advance

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Have a view on this feature in UiPath Apps

Cheers @Petchi_Paramasivam

@Palaniyappan ,

I would say below follow below approach,

  1. Add a Label to display message
  2. On Click of download button set dynamic message of label
  3. Disable button till download is in progress
  4. Show label message.

Either you can follow below approach.

  1. Add a rule before file download rule
  2. Show/Hide spinner rule
  3. When file download is completed add rule show/hide spinner rule and uncheck the check box into rule.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any query.



Thanks for the reply .this will display string message i gave in app.i want to pass a variable from process to display like resume 1 is progressing,resume 2 is processing so on

Thanks for the reply i want to pass a variable from process like resume1 processing resume 2 processing like that…i tried passing variable but it’s displaying once the process run got complete.i want to display in between the process to know the current status.

@Petchi_Paramasivam ,

How do you know which resume is processing? Do you have any data into apps page before start process?

If you have into Apps page just set it to variable and show. Else if it’s into Backend first call the data and set and then start download rule.


We are storing transaction number in an out_argument … that out_argument need to be passed to apps during execution.

Using transition number i am getting which resume it’s processing .i used live status activity to update the status it’s updating but I want that status to be displayed in apps


Try :
“Attended Robot Status” Activity to display the progress on display.

Yes it will display in process window i want the updation in apps window

@rpaPriyanka @Petchi_Paramasivam

If this is into out argument, how can you see it before until process is completed?

In Order to do this you will have to call two process then first get the value and then call other process to do transaction.


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as per uipath documentation under “rule : start process” if we check the asynchronous check box and if the robot is attended , the process can send the updates befor process end.

Lines from docs:
"By default, processes run synchronously, meaning the defined rule(s) after this won’t execute until the process completes. If you wish to run those rules in parallel, we suggest checking “Run Asynchronous”.

Please refer this link!

Kindly check “Displaying Process Status Updates” topic in the link

Correct me if i understood wrong.

@rpaPriyanka ,

If you check Asynchronous then next rule will execute parallel. But if you unselect then it will like one after another.

This means suppose you have two rules

  1. Process Start
  2. Set Value

If you set asynchronous then both rule will execute parallel.
If you unselect asynchronous then this will run one after another. so second rule will wait until first complete.


Ok. I understood.
Thanks for clearing my doubt.

But in docs why its written like this:

" Displaying Process Status Updates"

The “Report Status” activity allows a message to be sent to the assistant or an app during a process’s execution.

Note : The process status only works in the case of attended automation.

“The example below shows how to set the value of a status label to the message that is passed from the automation.”

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