I want to refresh until the status changes

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So I want to refresh the browser to see the updated status.
From “Create Engagement” to “Pending Review”.

How should I do it


There are a couple of ways you can do it. One possible way is:

  1. Use Application/Browser > Get Text > While > Go to URL > Get Text

Basically this will read the text from the box that you want, save the content of the text in a variable named yourVariable and then check its condition. Once inside the While Loop, it will keep refreshing and getting the text until the text contains something different than Create Engagement. Please remember to change the Max Iterations in the properties or it will loop forever.
Of course you can change the condition to anything that might suit your needs better.

Let me know if it worked!


You can try as below also

Hope this may help you


Just a query why do we need go to url?
Can we use refresh browser and also there are 3 more statuses in between. Before it reaches “Pending Review”

So is there any condition that it will loop until pending review.

You are totally right! I had my classic hidden so it didn’t show up. But yes, refresh browser is the most suitable activity for this case

What condition should I use to stop until “Pending” because there are 3 more in between

You could use the negative option:

Not yourVariable.Contains(“Pending Review”)


Actually you can use element exists or check app state activity with a max wait time…so if its fpund it would move ahead else will wait till timeout

Include inner text pending review in the selector


Thankyou @Anil_G @Srini84 @Marco_Ber for your answer and time.


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