I want to put Cell an Excel value into a cell based on quantity

코스트코_접수_2020-06-24.xlsx (11.2 KB) TESTSAMPLE.xlsx (11.2 KB) ExcelGrunt.zip (26.4 KB)

I have 2 excel files and as a result I want to make it like testsample.xlsx. I made xaml, but how do I put the values ​​according to the quantity? I put xaml in a zip file.

Mate, you still working on this?
I think this is duplicate thread? :smiley:

Yes, but I can still do it with VLOOKUP. I’ll send you the file and XAML.
I have matching data that can do VLOOKUP, but I want to put a separator (,) according to the quantity.
ExcelGrunt.zip (26.5 KB) TESTSAMPLE.xlsx (11.4 KB)

Here is the updated project, working end to end.

ExcelGrunt.zip (36.9 KB)

Thanks, is it possible with vlookup? Columns M and A are the same.

For VLOOKUP, I recommend trying StudioX instead of Studio.
If you’re looking for an exact solution using VLOOKUP, perhaps an Excel forum will be more helpful.


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