I want to pass the 2FA password stage

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I need your help with one thing. I am logging into a site with RPA. But after the password stage, it asks for a password with 2FA. In other words, it sends an SMS to the previously entered mobile number and asks you to confirm the login with this system or an Authenticator (Microsoft’s by default). We get initial approvals, but then I want the robot to bypass the 2FA password. How can I find a solution to this?


I don’t think there’s a way to bypass 2FA. What would be the use of 2FA if one could simply bypass it.

You have 2 options:

  1. Disable 2FA. Not recommended, very insecure.
  2. Automate getting the 2FA password.

You could try using the Mobile Automation Activities:

But to be honest, I’m not totally sure if it’s worth the hassle.

If it’s for unattended automation, maybe create a service user without 2FA and only the permission it needs for the process.
For attended automation you could use a form for the user to input the 2FA code.

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thanks @T0Bi

A customer of mine requested it as an extra, and I told her it was an unnecessary request.

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