I want to open another application but in a text file

I have another application (engineering program) that i want to open up as a text file (even though it is not a “.txt” file). and i want to do is read the file, modify some values in it and save it. I know i can use start process and use notepad.exe as my application, however how do i go about reading and modifying the file and pass values to and from the .txt file? Also, is there a way to pass variables to/from invoke method?

Hi Buddy @Robs1212

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Fine we can read the text file and store it as a string variable where later we can change the value of what we want with string manipulation methods like substring, split, and replace methos of string
Kindly provide us a sample of text file that you would like to read and edit the value, if possible
Cheers @Robs1212