How to pass variables into text file in uipath

We are getting some string value from database and storing it in the variable then we have to put that variable in text file in particular place. We are not able to figure out the solution. Plz help us with this


Hi @ManjuShivaraju.
Have you already used the Write Text File activity?

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Hi @ManjuShivaraju,

Does that text file is already existing in a particular place and do we need to inject the variable text into a specific location of the text file content or, do we need to just create a text file with the variable text?

Hi @ManjuShivaraju

If you are trying to insert the Database string value in particular place you need to have some fixed reference where you can find that place and insert Database string value in notepad text.

  1. Use Read Text File activity to read text from Text file which will give you a String variable as output.
  2. Find the fixed reference and append your Database string.
  3. Use Write Text File activity to write the modified text into text file.


Yes the text file is already existing and we need to inject variable into specific place

Thanks for the reply.we ll try that

Can you provide an example of how to complete the steps you mentioned for adding data in a specific place of a text file. I want to get specific data from an email and add that data in a specific place of a text file and then send an email as a validation.