I want to move files from one folder to another folder. The files are stored in onedrive

I am using onedrive foreach folder files activity but i keep on getting “Move File/Folder: Code: nameAlreadyExists
Message: The specified item name already exists.
Inner error:
date: 2022-03-05T15:36:04
request-id: 1d2c3fc1-4d9d-4e59-b0b9-65ab9618dd99
client-request-id: 1d2c3fc1-4d9d-4e59-b0b9-65ab9618dd99
ClientRequestId: 1d2c3fc1-4d9d-4e59-b0b9-65ab9618dd99”

I have named the files differently like A,B,C but still keep getting same message please help

@Palaniyappan @lakshman please help

I have two folders like Mumbai Delhi saved in my onedrive. Wanted to move files A,B,C (.xlsx) from Delhi to Mumbai folders


Hi @abhishek_bhide

Can you share your workflow SS ?



Sync onedrive with local system and then you can use Move File activity to move the files.

Copy files from CQ to CQ_list

As suggested by @lakshman if you sync your data in local you can use normal For each file in folder and move file activity to achive this


ok let me try but @lakshman @Sudharsan_Ka why does it not work on onedrive just curious


Did you provided all the required parameters in scope activity and do you have enough access to it ?

let me check thanks