I want to get policy number in a variable to use for further process

i want this policy number to be extracted in a variable
help me how to do that ?

Why is it one character per line? Showing us your output doesn’t really help. Show us the source data, and how you got to this point.

i am getting this data from the mail and the mail is containing a form where i am getting this policy number

i stored that mail body into a string variable that is why it showing it line by line

Hi @Sachin_Singh_Negi
you can try this regex around to get the policy number

Nived N
Happy Automation

can u send me that how to do this because i tried it but got no data

and the length of policy number is of 16 digits and i am storing it in a string variable

@Sachin_Singh_Negi - If you could you share the sample text from where you wanted to extract the pol # …we can take a look and assist you…

akshaydata.txt (2.9 KB)

this is the sample text

i want to extract policy number,policy period and name

@Sachin_Singh_Negi - we can extract the data…but it looks very bad…is there anyway you can get better text output…Since there are two sets here…I have got both the occurrences here

i will try that one as well

yes problem sloved by using the string manipulation