I want to get certified with "UiPath Automation Developer Associate

Hi Everyone,

I want to get certified with “UiPath Automation Developer Associate”. can anyone please suggest how will I prepare for this so that I will clear it in the first attempt.



I would say,

main this is required that is DEDICATION to learn the tool!

Get trained with this Academy learning path - https://academy.uipath.com/learning-plans/automation-developer-associate-training

Test your knowledge with this preparation test - https://uipath.onlinetests.app/assess.aspx?aid=UIPATH-ADAV1-PT&apass=uippassword

Get hands on experience on all the scenarios of the learning path above.

Finally test knowledge on this Udemy course (Optional)


This should be sufficient to get certified.

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I dont’t have any handson experience with any exams, but following the subreddit for UiPath I stumbled upon this thread which gave me som ideas of how to do continuos studying.

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