I want to get all cells that is red in an excel sheet

There is a excel sheet that is colour coded and I want to get all the cell address within a range that the text is in the colour red (I could change it to the cell highlight if it needs to be). Is there a way that i could do that.


I have not done this, but If we visualize it could be done by following steps as below,

  1. Read entire excel,
  2. Put for each and supply Datatable to it,
  3. Use Get Cell Color activity and write condition with get cell color output,
  4. If output is Red, then write that row in different sheet, lastly you will have all Red Color cell in one sheet.

kindly let us know if you stuck anywhere.


Thank you, I was just wondering about something like this, but since I’m not an expert, I thought there are some easier ways that I don’t know about. Anyways thank you soo much for the reply. I will definitely try it out.


How would I do for each with Data table as input. Isn’t the only for look that you can do with a datatable is a for each row? Or is there a way that converts the datatable into something that a normal for each can read.


Please go through blueprint i just attached, file is incomplete you will need to complete it.

Test.xaml (8.1 KB)

Please let us know if you are facing an error.