Get range where the cells are colored in Excel

Hi everyone,

I have an excel and some cells are colored. (their indexes are not known only indicator is color)

What i need is to get the values which are in those colored cells.

Any ideas?


Use Get Cell Color activity to retrieve the cell color.

Hi @jntrk ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Here is a suggestion of what I usually do when having this case: Get cell colors.xaml (16.2 KB)

Let us know if it does not work, or if you have further questions !

Hi Hiba,

Sorry for late reply,
From the workflow you sent, there are missing dependencies I think. Could you provide information on what this activity is


Hi @jntrk !

If you’re having this error, that means that we’re not using the same version of Studio (I’m using 21.4); do you think that you could upgrade your Studio version ? It will be easier to have the access to the whole code.

Otherwhise here are the screenshot of each of the parts (lots of them be ready haha):

And inside the 1st foreach row, we have:

Inside the foreach, we have:


And inside the invoke code we have:

colLetter = String.Empty
    Dim modnum As Integer = 0
    While div > 0
        modnum = (div -1) Mod 26
        colLetter = Chr(65 + modnum) & colLetter
        div = CInt((div - modnum) \ 26)
    End While

As for arguments of invoke code we have:


And inside the read cell we have:

For the add to collection part:

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