I want to extract string between double quotes from an email content

I am reading the email content using for each and using split using

notepad.Split(Environment.NewLine.ToArray, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries).Inside that I used another for each and reading line by line using for each to extract the content.

I assigned it to a variable using variable=item.Tostring[where item in for each loop]

I tried using regex,substring ,replace.None of them works.When I try with a sample input in a seperate sequence,it works.I find the issue to be in my sequence.Can anyone please help me out in this?

The email content:

Please create a low priority ticket to us-local-platform:nsc-us , with below message.

“we have issues regarding the antivirus up to date , if I did not click in the allow button it gets stuck and the Robot cannot continue with the process.Please investigate this VIRUS message and take the necessary action to suppress it to avoid impacting our Robot processing. “

Q-ID: q485397

Use Regular expression activities IsMatch and Matches, specify the pattern as


This will give you text between the quotes even though they are in multiple lines.

Hope this helps!