I need to write this data into excel

i need to get the data from the above table here some data is in-visible.when i drag the cell the data is visible. how to write that invisible data into excel. we are not able to get the data by using screen scrapping and data scrapping also. Can any one suggest the possibilities to do this.

Hi @manogna

Maybe you can try to use get text activity to get each data by means of index of row and column one by one when data scrapping does’t work.

i have already used get text but i get only visible data the remaining data is missing.

Could you use UI Explorer to get the target which have remaining data,
and show me that all of its attributes.

using screen scrapping at fullText method. FullText detecting hidden data

when i use screen scraping at full text method it just taken single row data. i need to write every column data into excel. here i have used tab button to go to every column this is also not working.

Hi @manogna

Sorry, I wonder if there is anything beneath TListView.
If so, those values of attributes maybe have remaining data.

Can u try use read range?
When i use read range, this active get a hidden data
and then you use a assign active for get a data

are you using build data table activity or only read range and assign activity.

using only read range at workbook

ok thank you.