I need to trigger same process 3 times in sequence as soon as prior run is completed successfully

I need to trigger same process 3 times in sequence as soon as prior run is completed successfully. Report is sent to Outlook in email as soon as one run is completed. How to schedule the process in orchestrator triggers to trigger them? I am thinking to check for email report sent by first run and trigger second run upon receiving the report and similarly for 3rd run. Let me know if that is the best approach. If it is then what measures i need to take while coding this or if there is a way we can schedule it in orchestrator without much coding.

Scheduling a process to run multiple times in sequence in UiPath Orchestrator based on the completion of the prior run and sending a report via email as soon as each run is completed is a common scenario. While you can achieve this through email-based triggers, it might not be the most efficient approach. Instead, you can use Orchestrator’s built-in features for process scheduling and managing dependencies. Here’s a step-by-step solution:

  1. Process Design: Make sure your UiPath automation process is designed to send an email report when it completes successfully. You can use the “Send Outlook Mail Message” activity to send the report.
  2. Publish to Orchestrator: Publish your automation project to UiPath Orchestrator.
  3. Create a Process in Orchestrator: In UiPath Orchestrator, create a new process for your automation. This process should trigger the execution of your automation.
  4. Create Multiple Jobs: In Orchestrator, you can create multiple jobs for the same process, and Orchestrator will handle the scheduling and sequencing for you. Each job can represent a separate execution of your process.
  • For the first job, set it to run immediately.
  • For the second job, you can set it to run “After Successful” of the first job.
  • For the third job, you can set it to run “After Successful” of the second job. This way, the jobs will run in sequence, and you don’t need to rely on email triggers.
  1. Email Notifications: Configure email notifications within Orchestrator. Orchestrator can send notifications upon job start, success, or failure. You can configure these notifications to receive emails when a job completes.
  2. Monitoring and Reporting: Orchestrator provides a dashboard for monitoring job statuses, and you can configure email notifications to send you alerts when a job is successful or when it fails.

If you need to be certain that the prior run was succesful, it might be easiest to create a separate process for this. Create a new sequence where you invoke the 3 processes. This way you can control what happens if one of the processes fail.

May I ask, what is this “After Successful” you are referring to?

Thank you for your detailed instructions. However, i am not sure about step 4 - Create Multiple Jobs. I have created 3 different triggers to take off at different times sequentially and i can see the jobs only when they take off. I am not sure how to create multiple jobs. Below is the screenshot of how 3 triggers look like.


One way is as mentioned by @efelantti to trigger them or add them in sequence

One more is

  1. Create a trigger to trigger the first time
  2. Create a event based trigger using integration service on mail received with subject as the first triggers success mail
  3. But as you need to trigger same process but only 3 times in you code you need to add a condition to check for the number of mails received today if it is 3 then do not run again and do not send email so that the bot runs only 3 times and stops

This way sequencial trigger and run only when succesful email received both are satisfied