I need to Delete Unwanted line in the Word

Hello Uipath Family

I need to Delete the Line In word for example I have the data in excel (Outstanding amount) if the user is not given the data of outstanding amount in the excel Column I have to delete that outstanding line in the word how to do that can anyone help me now am change only the outstanding amount!.00 I can’t delete the Outstanding line can anyone help me

I Need to Delete 2. (Outstanding Amount Outstanding Amount ! .00 ) all of it
Chethan P

You can use the UiPath.Word.Activities package and use “Replace text in document” activity to replace that word with “”(Nothing).

Thanks But am Already use those that is not my question actually I need to delete all that line

And I get the solution

Hear am use two sample files 1) Sample1 and Sample2
I use the If condition in that if Data is not present in the row of outstanding then use sample 1 file else sample2

Sample 1 file

Sample 2 file

I Hope it’s a correct If anyone have other solution please share me Its help me Or this method is right please inform me

Chethan P