I have word doc file attachment inside the excel sheet, I need to copy that attachment and paste it to another word document

Use for each row and try print row(“Attachment”).toString

Hi Harsha,
Can you share excel file

If you get a file path from it use download activity(bala reva)

New Microsoft Excel Worksheet112.xls (31 KB)

here inside for each row which activity need to use

first use log message- row(“Attachment”).toString let me know what it is printing

in for each row

for log message nothing is printing (blank).

I don’t know if you have already found a solution for this, if not. Try to convert your excel to the .ZIP extension.

Doing this for Excel and other Office formats, its contents are automatically extracted and available in the ZIP.

Navigate to the “xl \ embeddings” folder.

I dont see word doc attachment in the excel file. It is showing as Picture. Please see the below screen shot.

I have achieved this using the below sequence. First I have attached a test document in the cell(since yours is pic , i was not able to right click).

Please see, if this works for you.

@Harsha.P Here is Dynamic approach…Consider you have two attachments …so there will be two idx components…

I am getting the input from the user and based on that selecting the file.

You can explore this option and execute this in the loop.

Let me know, if this solves your problem. If yes, mark this as solution.