I have to read all link values from Excel sheet and Click on the WebPage in Uipath

Here my requirement is I have to read all the link values from Excel sheet. The links are belongs to same webpage. I have to click each and every link and perform data validation coming back to same page and click another row link.

Hi @Amol1,

Please follow below steps-

  1. Retrieve Excel data and store it in a datatable.
  2. Use attachbrowser/Open browser to connect with your browser.
  3. Use For each Row to loop through the datatable rows.
  4. Read the link from the column from the row.
  5. Check is required page loaded.
  6. Find the common selector from the web page and update it with the [Link] and [WebPageTitle]. Please find below example-
    selector = “”
  7. Update this selector value as target selector in a Click activity.
  8. Perform data validation
  9. Click browser back button

Hope this helps.

Hey Madhavi

Thanks for your suggestions. I completed 5 steps from your suggestions. The sixth step i am not able to complete. Do you have any example matching the scenario or any more details if you can provide.
Also facing issues in browser back navigation activity. Please provide the details if you have.

Hi @Amol1
The 6th step depends on the web page that you work with. If you can share the web page that you are working, i can check for the selector. Else let me get you a sample from one of the website.

The two link properties from webpage are as below.

First Link Properties

Second Link Properties

Also find screenshots of two properties attached.