Excel data merge

I have three excel workbooks that all have one sheet with different names. the information is formatted the same. Im trying to build a workflow that merges the data into one sheet.I have attached a folder with three sample excel sheets that are just like my working files i need merged into one. Could somebody provide a workflow that explains how to merge the three excel files into one?Excel1.xlsx (9.1 KB) excel2.xlsx (9.1 KB) Excel3.xlsx (9.1 KB)

OKay lets suppose you want to merge the data from 2nd excel and 3rd excel into 1st excel.

Read the 2nd and 3rd excel and Use append range into 1st excel.

Second Method, Read all the excels, Use activity Merge dataTable after merging, write into new excel.

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Could you provide a workflow

Main.xaml (9.5 KB)
Here you go. I use the first one.

When the automation runs the sheet names will be different so i wont be able to add the sheet names in the automation. The automation needs to collect all the three of the excel files and combine them into one.

there are two ways either you provide the sheet names in your Configuration file or you can use this activity to find the sheet names dynamically.

Example workflow is also present there, Read on the above link.

You can also use Balareva excel activities to get sheet names

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I think i am on the right track. my issue is when it creates the new merged data from the three excel workbooks im getting a blank excel sheet. I have attached my workflow and the three excel files that need to be aggregated into one excel file. if you get time could you look it over and fix any issues you might see?merge.zip (38.1 KB)

Main.xaml (20.6 KB)

Yes, it only need two small fixes, i put the comments before it. Check this out.

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thanks for checking it out but im still getting a a blank excel sheet

mergedata.zip (62.7 KB)

Try this i am using this folder structure and your code, its working in my system. Please check this

Not sure whats going on, I changed the folder path in the first assign get all sub directories activity and all im getting is this. The sheet-name is correct but no data

Try to debug yourself, put message box inside where it is reading the Sheet and check rows are coming or not dt.rows.count.toString. then put the message box after merging, check again dt.rows.count.toString

like this?

Yes exactly, did you find something in debugging ?

i got a zero in the message box

When i run the workflow it just runs through the message box and it doesn’t even pop up.I got a zero when i tested the message box activity

I attached the workflow if you want to check it out one more time. we will get this figure out lol thanks for hammering this out with me.

Main (1).xaml (19.1 KB)

Main.xaml (20.3 KB)

Only found one issue: First Directory Path should be end with "", now run it.


Like so? I ran it and nothing and the same-thing is happening