I have requirement to call UI path from SharePoint Online

Hello All,

Have requirement to call UI path from SharePoint online and display the Bots data in SharePoint page or list.

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we got uipath orchestrator api that can be called upon by applications

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Are you able to connect the SharePoint list’s data source to the same database as the bot’s?

Thanks for the reply Sorry let me rephrase my question here.
1.How do we connect uipath web Api through jquery

2.After generating code from postman how do we insert in jquery Ajax call

This is similar as you are doing the same in postman, As orchestrator is moved to cloud, some additional steps are added now to authenticate @HariSeelam

This post will help you

And the reference for documentation is


Can you elaborate this a bit

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Hi Hari Seelam,
Yes, you can display bots of UiPath in SharePoint and even you can make bot installation through SharePoint. I have done that.