I don't find For Each Row in Data Table

I don’t watch an instructional video package on how to use the program and I can’t find Programming–> DataTable–> For Each Row in Data Table in the Atctivites menu. I need this menu. I made a picture of what I see and what my instructor sees.
I found another one, but it’s in the Workflow menu
I have attached two photos of my instructor’s program and what I see of mine.

Modern activities have just renamed the activity from FOR EACH ROW to FOR EACH ROW IN datatable
its the same activity with same functionality
only the name and ui differs

Cheers @Norbi_V

Hi @Norbi_V ,
It is basically just the same activity with the same functionalities.

Both are same, as version updated some changes made in activity display…

Both are same but as versions upgraded the layout has
changed. but functionality is same in datatable field give data table that you want to loop through.

Hope this helps

Hi @Norbi_V

In the new version of For each row in datatable activity, they have changed the alignment of User interface fields in the activity. But the functionality of this activity is same which iterate the each row in the datatable. In the last versions they have used classic activities, but in the latest versions we are using the modern activities.

Hope you understand!!

Thank you very much everyone for your help!