I didnt receive my certificate and credential for my learning program

I completed all the modules and still didnt receive any mail about my certificate and its not show in my achievements as they said pls help me with this

Hi @Nithishvar_D

Sometimes you don’t receive the certificates after you complete the module. So, after completing the module click on Download diploma and your certificate will get downloaded. You will be able to see the certificates in My dashboard=> Achievements.

Hope you understand!!

its not the individual course diploma certificate i meant the whole learning program certificate

The whole learning program certificate only you will get after giving all the feedbacks and completing all the modules 100%.

You can download the entire programming certificate by clicking Download Diploma.

i did complete all the feedback and modules 100% but i still didnt get it

Click on that course what are you getting. You will be able to see Download diploma option inside the course.


Hi @Nithishvar_D ,
Click to course

click on mail or download