I couldn't find environments tab in my orchestrator

In latest community version of my orchestrator I couldn’t find any environments tabs in default folder and in tenant tab also i couldn’t find

Hi @hanisha.pachamattla ,

You will not able to find it in modern folders.

Environment is only available in Default folder which is classic folder.

In default folder I couldn’t find it. Can you please help me out.

Hi @hanisha.pachamattla,

In latest community version, you would be able to see all modern folders set up and hence, you wont find Robots and environments tab at folder level. You will only see robots at tenant level but there also, you wont be bale to find an option to create one. Process of doing that is lil different in case of modern folders.

To verify whether you have modern folders enabled, go to tenant->folders and you will find 2 tabs there users and machines… in case of classic folder, its only users.

Hope this answers your question.