I couldn't able to delete folder which is sync with my desktop

I am using delete activity while running in local folder is getting deleted but in server there is no error message in delete activity but folder is still available in the location .

folder path :“C:\Users\AE_”+ Now.Date.ToString(“dd_MM_yyyy”)


This is the file path where i got from sharepoint sync . Kind of share drive @Palaniyappan

Hello @jayanth_marc

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  • Are you giving the right folder path. Just to confirm this, before delete activity check that folder exists or not using Path Exists. See what it returns (True/False)
  • Here, I want to know whether the bot is able to identify the folder or no. It should delete if it able to identify it

Yes i am using path exists after in if condition i am using delete act . Is there any difference in delete a folder which is present in local and share drive path ? because i need to delete a folder in sharedrive path only .

@jayanth_marc Delete should work even with the shared drive. Can you try manually deleting the shared folder to check you have enough access

Yes manually I can able to delete

@jayanth_marc Can you please share the shared drive path and the one that you passing in your code. I am asking just to compare both the values

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@jayanth_marc , select the folder you need to delete using the Delete folder activity as a static, check is it working or not.


In SharePoint there is an option sync . After clicking on sync , I got above link .
In desktop under quick access…

@jayanth_marc Can you try doing without any sync. Try giving the complete shared folder/file path that your team had created

Hello @jayanth_marc
Can you try creating a dummy folder and try to give that full path directly in the activity.
This is just to debug the issue. Dont use any expressions and check whether its deleting or not.
Also are you getting an logs after this activity?