I can't insert tables with header on activity send mail

I can’t insert tables with header

Thanks for herp

Hi @Enrique_Hurtado ,
You can get body mail from config file
In config file you format body mail html format

Hi @Enrique_Hurtado

Assign Activity:
TableBodyStr =

"<table border=2>" +
"<tr>" +"<td>"+
String.Join("</td><td>", dt_Ex.Columns.Cast(Of DataColumn).Select(Function (x) x.ColumnName).ToArray) +
"</td></tr>" +
"<tr>" +
String.Join("</tr><tr>", (From x In dt_Ex.AsEnumerable
Let cells = "<td>" + String.Join("</td><td>", x.ItemArray) + "</td>"
Select cells).ToArray) +

dt_Ex : your datatable

In the config file, you format the email body in HTML format.

Assign Activity:
EmailBody =

Finally, add EmailBody to your [ Send Email ] activity.