How to pass datatable to html with headers

Hi everyone,

I have used Create HTML-Content Activity for an information mail including some datatables, that I want to have in the mail-body.
I have added the tables as data values of type ‘table’ in the editor and then added to the body in {{table}}.

Everything works but the activity removes the table headers from the tables in the body. Does anyone know how to avoid this?

Thanks a lot beforehand and best regards


Are you reading the data table from an excel file?

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Yes, I am reading the data from an excel file (once) but then applying different filters for different result tables “locally”.

The table you want to add in mail just write it in excel first, read it again (uncheck add header) and add in mail using create html content.

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Worked fine, thanks!

In case anyone will be interested in the future:
I used the same approach but as I was trying to avoid writing to and reading from Excel, I used ‘Output Data Table’ to convert the table to a string, then ‘Generate Data Table’ to convert back to a table (without any “marked” headers) which worked best for me.


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