I am trying to find the Byte[] variable

Hi everyone

I am following a tutorial on youtube, the person has created a Byte variable but did not show how to get, there are so many different types of variable with the name Byte in them, do you guys know how to get the Byte one

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Usually we use System.Byte as the following.


Note: first, select Array of [T], next Browse for Types , then choose System.Byte.


I get an error when I try to assign this : System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(“img.jpg”) to the variable type you have shown me

error I get is : 1-dimensional array of byte cannot be converted to Byte

I dont think that’s the correct variable type, the one the person is using in the tutorial is Byte open and close bracket

cannot assign from system.Byte to system.Byte


can you try the following steps.

First, choose “Array of [T]”

Next,choose “Browse of Types”


Then Choose “System.Byte”



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thats the tutorial link in case you guys want to have a look

Embed Images(Base64) into E-Mail Body using UiPath - YouTube

Beautifull Boss, thank you very much

What about the variable type : Generic Value ?


In this case, probably it won’t work.


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