I am not able to download the Uipath community

I’m trying to download the UiPath community on the original Uipath website, but I’m not getting it.
Sign Up (uipath.com)
Unfortunately, it doesn’t come out of that, and I need to download Uipath as soon as possible, does anyone know how to solve this?

Hello @pedro.vieira, please check the below link, it has a verified solution on how to download UiPath Studio:

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in fact, cloud.uipath.com is not working properly for me. I log in, but it goes to a new screen and everything is blank.

I’ve tried to create a different account, and even a different browser, but the same happens when I try to login.

Hi @pedro.vieira

Is the issue still happening? If so, does it also happen on a different network (i.e. your mobile)?

I am facing the same issue. Could someone please help me with that? Thanks!

Hi @Ruchita_Patil

Does the page get stuck at opening at one point? If not, what is the exact issue that you are experiencing?