I am going to start UIpath Rpa Developer internship as a remote job?

i am going to start UiPath Rpa Developer internship as a remote job so my question is how i can learn a things its my first IT job so i am too confuse for the practice i am finding a use cases from the youtube and implement but i am too confused how they can trained me if i they give me a some usecases so how i can do those like these i have too manay question in my mind
if someone has notes and want to share with me i am happy

Hi @umar5628 ,

First and Foremost, when starting ourJourney with UiPath, we go to the academy portal, All and every basics in UiPath is been provided and covered in this portal.

If not signed up, Do sign up and complete the free courses, Learn, Apply it on the Assignment provided in it.

This will surely help in further RPA UiPath projects as well as enhance your skills.

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