I am able to publish my Project as Library but I'm not able to publish it as Package that can be run via Assistant

While publishing my project on Cloud Orchestrator in CE, I’m getting the below error
“Error: Publish of Process project to Orchestrator failed. Package cannot be published to the shared feed”

Then I updated the deployment settings in Orchestrator

After this I’m able to publish my project , but it’s publishing as Library not package in Orchestrator and I need to run the Process from Assistant.


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May I know did you use Library template or other to create the project ?

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I saved the Project as Template for future use and then used that template for development.

Is there any possibility to convert the Template based project to normal Project so that it will be uploaded to Orch.?

I think in the project.json file you can change outputType to Process (close Studio before changing it, then reopen after changing it)

The issue isn’t that you used a template. It’s that you used a template of a library project instead of a process project.

outputType is already Process in project.json file.
I created a Project with default RE Framework then customized as per my need and at the end I saved it as template.
Then I used this template for creating new process.