I am a beginner in UIPath, Please give me a hand to solve this problem

Send an email to a particular email id (accessable mail id) with two attachment (excel and pdf)
Fetch that email with subject and save first attchment to a particular path
Throw exception if the email has no attachment or the attachement format is not pdf/xlsx or more than 2 attachment found
After saved the attachment successfully, move the current email to completed folder in the inbox
If there is any error occured while saving the attacment, then move the email to Error folder in the inbox
If error occured, send an email with body as exception mesage and location to a particular mial id with screenshot attached

Hello @Sourav_Sujith,

Can you please elaborate your query for better understanding?

Hi @Sourav_Sujith ,
You can flow step:
-use try catch exception
in try
use send outlook mail

with file excel and pdf
in catch I want know clear more your requirement, let clear them