Human validated data not specified error

Hi all,

I am stuck with a weird issue.

I am working with document understanding, data extraction and action center.
It works pretty well, like in 98% of the time.

But my robot has crashed down a couple of time with this error : System exception.Human validated data not specified at Source: Train Extractors Scope.

So the bot extracted the data, then waited for human validation, after human validation the run has resumed, it went through the Train extractor scope activity and at this point I got this error.

Again, the weird thing is that it is ok most of the time.

Any idea what could be the reason of this error?

Thank you.

Can you check if your HumanValidatedData Input is assigned correctly? It should be the output from validation station, stored in an extraction results variable.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes it is.

I got the Validation extraction results from the action center (activity wait for document validation and resume).


And then it is used in the Train extractors scope.


And ACResults variable is an ExtractionResult variable type.

And as I mentionned before, the weird thing is that it is working most of the time. It is just from time to time (like it happened 3 times over a 100 extraction results) that I got this error.

Do you think it could come from the user while they are validating their data in the action center?

thank you for the details. Can you check what the documents were every time this error occurred? Maybe the user in Action center didn’t validate any fields, required fields could be missing or they added an exception to the document in action center.

Ok, I finally figured out what happened.

The way it is designed, our documents go into the action center, but if someone removes one of the document from the unassigned list, then the robot is kinda lost because the robot is still “processing” that vanished document. In the end, the ACResults are null and then, these empty data cannot be used by the train extractors scope as they are…empty.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply me.

Absolutely! Glad to help! Tc.

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