HttpRequest upload file

Hi community,

I am trying to sent this PUT request to upload a file.
I am not sure how to translate this Body/binary into Studio’s Body.

Would you have any suggestion?
There is a very good tutorial here: HTTP REQUEST - POST - UNRECOGNIZED UPLOADED FILE - #6 by Cristian_Negulescu. Thank you @Cristian_Negulescu! but probably my API architecture is different than what is shown.
On HttpRequest documentation ( are not many details.

Thank you for any thoughts.

PS: I hope the same subject wasn’t explained somewhere else. I haven’t found on Forum


I already faced this issue. The solution was to convert the body of the file into a base64 variable and put it inside the body. But it was a POST request. So maybe you need to convert the file before trying to upload it.

Good luck

Hello Coty,
To solve this issue I write VB.NET code and invoke code all the code you will find in the description of the videos:


Hi Melanie,
Thanks for your reply. Would that work for 600 MB .zip files?

Hi Cristian,
Thank you for your tutorials and ideas. Same question, would that work for 600 MB .zip files?

I never tested. Is VB.NET code I don’t know how to go lower in UiPath Studio.