Http Request Wizard

Hi everyone,

I have a problem that i can not solve. So, there is a http web service that gets one parameter as string or string list (both accepted) and also i have an excel file with one column. My workflow reads excel with read range activity and send by one by to web service in for each row activity.

in the picture the region that i wrote 1 is parameter linked to url

? area is my problem. I only write there string this wizard only accepts string variable. But i need to send as string list.

P.S: This is the challenge, iterative request sending is not accepted. I need to call only once this service send to it as list and get response as list.

Can someone help me in this situation?

Best regards.

just dont use the wizard, populate the properties using variables…

Thanks for your response. Lets make it more clear i can put it in as string and it works but for 50k data i have to call service 50k times. But i need to send it only once as string list.

Service accepts string list and Just string.


i dont understand what you are saying… parameters you can add the type that you need…

Can you change it? It is constant in my studio. I need to change it list that was my question.

yes, that is because the request will be sent always as text, json or xml, you will need to build the string that will be the type you need… i dont know the format that your request needs but could be like this:
theParameter = “{‘jhhjh’,‘jhjhh’,‘kjkjkj’}”, maybe you can see documentation of it on the endpoint url.