HTTP request, Post Parameter = integer-array

Package: UIPath.WebAPI.Activities 1.9.1-preview
Activity: HTTP Request

I use the above activity to send a record to a web page.
for a certain command the website wants to have a parameter but as an integer-array. Since I can only send strings I don’t know how to build it so that the website recognizes it correctly.

As an example I only have this json code:(it is about the parameter label_ids)

in the instructions it says that an array of integer must be entered. I have already tested all possible combinations with (, [ and { but without success.

Do you have any idea how this could work

Thank you for your help


for my use case i need only one input. so a string with only one element.

I tried to build the string with tochar:
string.Format("[{0}6751252{0},{0}6751253{0}]", Convert.ToChar(34))
but even if the ascii code 34 should be a " uipath inserts a " there

have a look here: