HTTP Request send Attachments

I’m currently working with an API which is helping me send emails. For this I’m using the HTTP Request activity, I also have a folder with different attachments that need to be sent while sending the email. However I’m currently unable to add this attachments on the HTTP Request activity since this are dinamic and the activity only admits string values for the attachments, so I cant create an array looping through my files on the folder. All this attachments need to be sent on the same request, so I cant send them separetly, Does any one has a suggestion on how can I include all my attachments on the same request?


You can use like this to create a dynamic file collection and add to http request

Path Exists will give you a IlocalResoure type file…which then can be appended to list of ILocalResources and then can be used in http request …

Hope this helps


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Thank you for the response, however I’m currently working on an older version of UiPath (2020.10.10), so I dont have the “File Attachments” option.



Then you need to go with a custom code using invoke code

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