Http Request to Dynamic Folders

Hi everyone,

I am new to UiPath and needs some help.
I am able to download files from a web using Http Request to a folder by reading links from a excel file.
I am thinking to separate the files into folders base on it’s file name,
say, i have 123_1.jpg / 123_2.jpg / 444_1.jpg / 445_1.jpg, I want to create a folder and get these files into the same folder name : folder 123 / folder 444 … etc.

I am able to create the folders but are stuck on how to put them into the particular folder.

creating the folders successed

but when it downloads, it won’t go to the particular folder

can anyone please help

Thank you in advance.

some more details would help for more specifics

take the filename
use regex:
retrieve the folder where you want to store the file