HTTP request issue GET Method

Hi ,i am trying to call a http request installed uipath.webapi.actvities( version v1.11.2) ,but getting error while doing preview .

please help

Hi @tharani.natarajan

Could you attach a screen shot of the activity and the parameters you have used.?

Send the screenshot of the Request method like given below, so that we have better idea where the issue arises



Cross check your end point because maybe issue is because of wrong end point as I have done the same like this and my process is working fine, so cross check your endpoints and your authentication details

Thanks hafiz, But this is working in postman .

Then try downgrading your WebAPI Package and don’t go for the preview of the Endpoint and API just click ok on it and test it in a message box whether data is coming or not, It’ll work fine I guess

Running without preview worked,Thanks


Regards: Hafiz Mohammad Ahsan

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